Losing that weight and maintaining your weight goals

Weight Loss In Australia

For Australians, a lot of people believe that weight loss is a unattainable goal. Many try and lose a few pounds, but don’t see the results they want so they immediately give up and revert to their old habits. People are commended for their weight loss journeys, looking from the outside it may seem like they lost weight easily. Once someone hits their stride, it seems like the pounds are flying off magically, but as someone whose lost over 100 lbs, I can tell you it isn’t as easy as it seems.


You must have mental fortitude going into your weight loss journey. Know that you need to change your entire lifestyle. It isn’t about some diet fad or exercise program. According to research by viagraensuisse.nu losing weight isn’t something you do temporarily, it is a lifestyle change. If you think it’s a temporary journey, you will relapse. You cannot go back to the way you lived before because you will put the weight back on. If you start a diet or exercise program, you must do something sustainable. If you’re wearing yourself out too much, you won’t be able to keep up with it for the rest of your life.

The Body Adapts

Once you get used to the workout or diet plan that you have started it gets a lot easier. Your body becomes accustomed to becoming more active and you are able to stick to your goals. The pounds will shed off, and eventually, because you successfully changed your lifestyle, it will become effortless. You may not realize your losing weight at first, your clothing size will shrink, but your mental image of yourself won’t change much. I can assure you that the weight is noticeable and you’re making huge strides. At the peak of my weight loss, I still envisioned myself and seeing my thin self in the mirror was a huge surprise. It is an amazing feeling.

Support System

A big setback is the people around you. A lot of people get jealous when they see your weight loss journey. I can’t even begin to count the number of times someone had made fun of me for eating less or tried to goad me into cheating on my diet or exercise. I lost friends because they said I “changed” and wasn’t the same person. Sometimes people are averse to seeing you do something positive. Because you are losing weight, it makes those around you self conscious and they either intentionally or not, will try to hinder your journey. You must preserve and prepare for people to treat you differently. Find like-minded individuals, either online or in a gym for example. People also losing weight or that have already lost their weight. Those are the people that will help you achieve your goals. They will encourage you and push you to be your best.

It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Cheat days every once in a while is good. I would give myself one every two weeks or so. It helps you unwind and give yourself some slack. Every once in a while you need that ice cream or cake. You’re working hard to lose weight, you deserve it. Count your calories on cheat days though. I cannot stress how important it is to not binge because you might relapse and fall back into old eating habits. So cheat days are about eating what you want, but still in moderation. If you overdid it, don’t fret too much, one day isn’t going to ruin your entire diet. If you freak out it may cause you to give up. Instead, just focus harder on working out to compensate for the day and just continue your weight loss routines.

Believe in Yourself

Be proud of yourself for undergoing this journey! It’s amazing that you want to lose weight. You are doing something good for yourself that will allow you to not only feel better mentally but physically as well. When you have trouble keeping up with your diet or exercise, keep your end goals in mind! You can achieve weight loss! So many have done it before, just keep your wits about you. Every time you go down a clothing size, give yourself a pat on the back, share it with others, and celebrate! It’s a huge deal and should be treated as such. Good luck on your journey, have fun and keep to your goals!

I am a doctor from Melbourne


  1. Flynn Clare


    I never bought into diets or any of those other come and go fads that people do. I just went out and started walking. At first, just a block or so, then I was able to walk nearly a mile, then two. Over the course of 2 months I was able to lose 20lbs. Now I feel a lot better and I’m still staying active!

  2. Patrick Philips


    TThe only true way to loose weight, is to workout and eat right in proper balance. Cardio, then some more cardio. I drink a lot of water, on most days I drink 1 gallon of water a day, some days more. I lost 135 lbs using this method.

  3. Jordan Bell


    I had tried many things to lose weight over the years, with little to no success. I finally found the best option for me was to practice yoga. It is low stress on the bones and joints, and easy to get started even if you are immobile. There are many documented success stories, and you can add my name to that list. There is one program available from a former professional wrestler out there that is wonderful.

  4. Justin Adams


    I am so happy. After a few years of consistently struggling with my weight. I have lost 4 kgs in 3 months by eating much healthier and exercising for one hour 4 days a week. I have so much more energy and stamina now! I will continue to maintain this positive, healthy lifestyle. Commitment and patience is the key.

  5. Cameron Ryan


    I personally gained 20kgs from my first pregnancy. I started exercise 3 times a week. Eating more greens. A really good smoothie who helps a lot whit inflammation, is two slices of pineapple, half parsley bouque and a teaspoon of chia. Take it on a empty stomach for two weeks,you’re gonna love it

  6. Joshua Wheelwright


    I lost 0 kgs in 2 week on a diet where i ate no carbs it is hella hard .
    I am not giving up!
    Im mainly gonna focus in my calorie intake and exercising.

  7. Callum Redding


    The simple trick to weight loss really is eat less and move more. I lost half a stone within three months of getting a dog, just the walking did that so when I combined the walking with giving up bread, crisps and chocolate etc, the weight simply fell off. So cut back on the rubbish and go for brisk walks and you will see the difference in no time.

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